Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A New Blog, A New Situation

Hello Everyone in Blogland, I have decided to start blogging. I have a bit of a new situation. On Labour Day Weekend I decided to move some furniture and ended up herniating a disk in my back. The disk is bulging into my spinal cord (I saw the MRI). Because of the pain that I'm in and the drugs that I'm on, I have had to take an indefinite amount of time off teaching. I am waiting for an appointment with a neurosurgeon and I will find out on the 24th what I will need to do to fix this and maybe a time-frame of getting back to work. In the past ten days of being off, I have learned a few things: 1. I have a great group of friends in this city. I am amazed by the support and care that people have shown me. I have a fridge-full of food and a social calendar that is packed with visits and tea and suppers! 2. I can't just lay around and watch tv all day everyday (I end up feeling sad, unproductive and restless). 3. Even though I can't walk very far, I can still spend time outside. I found one of those vinyl table cloths that I spread in a sunny spot in my back yard and pile my necessary pillows onto it. Sometimes I bring the radio out with me and listen to CBC Radio 2 Drive while I knit. 4. I can knit quite comfortably in my default 'all fours' position if I lean against a footstool. I have found that double-pointed or circular needles work much better than typical straight needles. The straight needles are too long and get caught on my footstool and pillows. 5. Since signing up for Netflix six days ago, I have managed to use up 75% of my 20 Gb on the Rogers Lite internet service. I will need to upgrade modems and switch to the 80 Gb service plan. As another back-friendly activity, I will update this blog regularly while I am off. I'm thinking this will be a blog about anything that's on my mind. You will probably find some knitting posts (I have a stockpile of finished objects that have been waiting to be posted!). You will probably also find life anecdotes, music suggestions and spiritual ruminations. It will be a bit of a grab bag and I won't be offended if you only read the posts that interest you :-) I'll sign off with a photo from my summer adventure to the North Shore of Lake Superior. Carla


  1. Congratulations on entering the blog world. I look forward to hearing from you as regularly as you can make it. Don't forget to let us know if you are runnning low on groceries or need a pick me up visit.

    Thinking of you often, Donna

  2. Thanks Donna!
    How did you get on Facebook to see the link while you were at school?
    Great to hear from you :-)

  3. At first I tried using your link and I was blocked. Then I copied and pasted your address and that worked without a hitch. I was so pleased to be able to sneak in the back door.