Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey there Blog
It's been a while since we last spoke (especially after my two-day-in-a-row debut). What are my excuses? A very busy weekend: starting on Friday I had no less than two sets of visitors per day. An appointment on Monday with a neurosurgeon, more about that later. Plus sleeping off a head/neck ache for a day and a half. That about brings us up to date!

The weekend was pretty great, lots of friends from school and church dropped by and my brother and his family came to visit. It was nice to have the brodiggler here. We accomplished a lot (well, Rory and Lucy accomplished a lot). Thanks to them, I now have artwork hung in my living room, laundry done and an air-matress ready and inflated for my next overnight guest. It's no-longer bring your own mattress at my place folks!

It was also just great to have the family around. Family is great because they are instantly comfortable in your house and have no hesitations finding their way around the kitchen to make coffee in the morning if they're up before you. I got so many nice hugs from Little Miss Maya who just turned two...and a good number of slobbery kisses too.

Speaking of family, my Mom and my sister Randi came up from North Bay on Sunday night. Randi had a PD day on Monday which was conveniently the same day as my neurosurgeon appointment. It was nice to have them over too...nothing like having your mom around when you don't feel good. We watched A Series of Unfortunate Events (perhaps that was more due to my dark sense of humour than Randi and I having read the book a few summers ago).

After a night of not very much sleep, we went down to the Civic Hospital to meet my neurosurgeon. She made me wait a very long time and when I finally got to see her she told me that she would like to wait two more weeks before giving me surgery. She says that within six weeks of the initial injury, a disk will sometimes move back into place and that would take away the need for a potentially risky surgery. So, its more waiting for me. Good thing Im pretty good at that waiting thing.

The head/neck ache isn't much to worry about. It's my body's standard response to stress and lack of sleep--something that I have had a lot of since this whole back thing started. Still, it is strange to lose a day and a half altogether.

In other news, I managed to finish two projects and give away three last week!
Here is the hat and bootie set I made for Baby Joe. Notice the leaf on the hat since his daddy is an arbourist. I gave it to his mommy when she came to visit me.

And the hat I made for my friend Christy who re-arranged her life to sit in the ER with me for two days. (Sorry for the strange self-portrait, let's just say the sun was in my eyes!)

And some fingerless gloves I made for Maryann's birthday present.

They are all knit in Cascade 220 in various colours. The booties are the Gansey Booties I talked about in my last post. The baby hat is the Gooseberry Hat by Suvi Simola and the leaf pattern is called Just a Leaf by Hinke they are both found on Ravelry. Christy's hat is the New Sweetie Pie Hat from Purl Soho. Maryann's gloves are Fetching from Knitty.


  1. Love the glove/mitts. I wore them to work this morning and thought of you.

  2. And my hat is the BEST EVER - I wore it to the bus stop the other morning and had three people compliment me on it. LOVE. Thanks Carla!!