Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A whirlwind end and a mellow start

The school year wrapped up like a crazy whirlwind this year. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised--it was a crazy whirlwind from the beginning so it finished like it started!

As soon as Commencement at OTHS was over on Friday, I paid a visit to the SCHS Science annual summer party then set off for North Bay. 
(This is just outside of Geralton, ON the town where I was born) 

Mom, Randi and I left at 6:30 am to drive to our first stop, Thunder Bay. We visited my sister Andrea and her family, ate Finnish pancakes at the Hoito and planted a garden. We also enjoyed some delightful coffee talks out on her back porch. 
(Baby Iris enjoying Gran and Randi)

After a Thunder Bay, we drove towards Manitoba. We saw lots of black spruce trees and a few pretty little lakes. We also passed into the Central Time Zone: 
After entering Manitoba, I glanced down at my knitting for a second and looked back up to find the forest had disappeared and the prairies had started. (No pics if the prairies yet...knitting was happening...). 

Here's what I was knitting: 
It's called Lintilla by Martina Behm. I knitted it in BFL Sock by Fleece Artist in the Gateway to the North colour way (made especially for North Bay, ON)

As we entered Winnipeg, we listened to One Great City by The Weakerthans. If you haven't heard that song before, I'm sure you can youtube it (haven't figured out how to add links from the blogger phone app yet so you'll have to do it yourself). 

Today we wandered around Winnipeg and checked out The Forks and the St Boniface Museum. We learned about Louis Riel and all the different people who lived here. Interesting history in these parts. 

Stay tuned for more adventures!


  1. Loove this Carla!! HAPPY TRAVELS and will see you soon. Xoxoxo

  2. I love Winnipeg! I also like that you looked up from your yarncrafting and found yourself somewhere else. That has happened to me on a few occasions, too. ;) Happy Summer!

  3. Ooooo.... love love love to get a peek at your travels and knitting along the way. Love the picture of your knitting fast forwarding you into new places. Have a great time. Maryann