Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fireworks and Floods

Canada Day in Winnipeg was rainy and cold but it cleared off in time for a great fireworks display. We were a bit too tired (and probably lame) to go out to The Forks to watch them so we just stood out in front of the hotel. We could mostly see the whole show, there were a few low-flyers that we missed. 

The next day we left Winnipeg for Echo Valley Provincial Park which was just north east of Regina, Sask. Because of heavy rains over the past few days, there was overland flooding in western Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. We had to take a detour down a minor highway because the Trans Canada was flooded for a chunk of our route. It was neat to go off the beaten track; the prairies are beautiful. We saw some deer and a mother moose with twin calves. We also saw lots if canola, sky, grain elevators and farm houses. It was amazing to see so much land and sky unfolding in front fo us as we drove. 

Echo Valley provincial park is in the Qu'Appelle Valley. It seemed like the banks of the valley just popped up out of nowhere or maybe that the valley floor just dropped out from underneath the prairie. Either way, it was beautiful! 

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